16 August 1954

The first issue of Sports Illustrated is published.

Sports Illustrated is an American sports media franchise owned by Authentic Brands Group, primarily known for its magazine that covers a wide range of sports-related content.

Magazine: Sports Illustrated (SI) magazine was first published in 1954 by Henry Luce, the co-founder of Time Inc. The magazine quickly gained popularity for its in-depth coverage of sports events, athletes, and issues. The cover of the magazine often features famous athletes and sports personalities.

Content: The magazine covers a broad spectrum of sports, including football, basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey, golf, tennis, and more. It provides feature stories, investigative journalism, athlete profiles, opinion pieces, and stunning sports photography. It also publishes special issues, such as the annual “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue,” which features models and celebrities in swimwear.

Awards and Honors: Sports Illustrated presents various awards to athletes and teams, with some of the most notable being the “Sportsman of the Year” and the “Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year” awards. These awards recognize individuals or teams that have made significant contributions to the world of sports in a given year.

Digital Presence: With the rise of digital media, Sports Illustrated has expanded its presence online. The official website features articles, videos, interviews, and multimedia content, allowing fans to stay updated on the latest sports news and developments.

Ownership Changes: Over the years, Sports Illustrated has changed ownership multiple times. In 2019, Authentic Brands Group acquired the brand from Meredith Corporation. This transition marked a shift in the way Sports Illustrated operates and produces content.

Expansion and Spin-offs: In addition to the magazine and website, Sports Illustrated has expanded into various other media platforms, including television shows, documentaries, podcasts, and more. It has created a diverse range of content to engage sports enthusiasts across different mediums.

Impact and Legacy: Sports Illustrated has had a significant impact on sports journalism and popular culture. Its iconic covers and in-depth stories have become part of the sports landscape, influencing the way fans and media interact with sports events and athletes.

Challenges: Like many traditional media outlets, Sports Illustrated has faced challenges due to the changing media landscape and declining print circulation. The digital age and the proliferation of online sports news sources have prompted the brand to adapt its strategies to remain relevant and competitive.