16 May 1739

The Battle of Vasai concludes as the Marathas defeat the Portuguese army.

The Battle of Vasai occurred in 1739 and was fought between the Maratha Empire, under the leadership of Chimaji Appa, and the Portuguese army, who controlled the fortified town of Vasai. The Marathas sought to capture Vasai as part of their expansionist ambitions and to establish their dominance in the region.

The battle was a significant event in the larger conflict between the Marathas and the Portuguese, who had been involved in territorial disputes for several decades. The Marathas had already captured numerous Portuguese-held territories along the western coast of India.

In the Battle of Vasai, the Marathas launched a siege on the fortified town, employing various tactics such as artillery bombardment and digging tunnels to undermine the Portuguese defenses. The Portuguese, led by their commander Sá e Menezes, put up a strong resistance, but were ultimately overwhelmed by the superior numbers and tactics of the Marathas.

After an intense battle that lasted for several weeks, the Marathas emerged victorious, forcing the Portuguese to surrender. The capture of Vasai by the Marathas marked a significant milestone in their expansion and further weakened the Portuguese presence in the region.