3 October 1990

The German Democratic Republic is abolished and becomes part of the Federal Republic of Germany; the event is afterwards celebrated as German Unity Day

German Unity Day, known as “Tag der Deutschen Einheit” in German, is a national holiday in Germany that commemorates the reunification of East and West Germany. It is celebrated on October 3rd each year and marks the official reunification of the country, which took place on October 3, 1990.

The reunification of Germany was a historic event that followed the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, which had divided East and West Germany for nearly 30 years. The wall’s collapse symbolized the end of the Cold War and the division of Europe into Eastern and Western blocs. The reunification process was a complex and challenging one, involving political negotiations, economic integration, and the blending of two very different systems and societies.

Fall of the Berlin Wall (November 9, 1989): This iconic event symbolized the end of the division between East and West Germany and marked the beginning of a peaceful transition towards reunification.

“Two Plus Four” Treaty (September 12, 1990): The reunification process was formalized through the “Two Plus Four” Treaty, which involved two German states (East and West Germany) and the four Allied powers (the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and the Soviet Union). The treaty affirmed Germany’s sovereignty and paved the way for the reunification.

Reunification (October 3, 1990): On this day, the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) officially joined the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany), becoming a single nation once again. This date was chosen for German Unity Day and has been celebrated as a national holiday ever since.

German Unity Day is a day of celebration and reflection in Germany. It is marked by various events and festivities throughout the country, including parades, concerts, and fireworks. Many people take the day off work to participate in these activities or spend time with family and friends.