9 June 1979

The Ghost Train fire at Luna Park Sydney, Australia, kills seven.

The Ghost Train fire at Luna Park Sydney is a tragic event that occurred on the night of June 9, 1979. The fire broke out on the Ghost Train ride, a popular attraction at the amusement park.

The Incident:

Date and Time: The fire started on the night of June 9, 1979.
Location: Luna Park, an amusement park located in Milsons Point, Sydney, Australia.
The Ride: The Ghost Train was a dark ride that took visitors through a series of spooky scenes with special effects.

The Fire:

Cause: The exact cause of the fire remains unknown. Various theories have been proposed, including an electrical fault, arson, or a discarded cigarette.
Spread: The fire spread rapidly, engulfing the wooden structure of the Ghost Train ride.
Response: Firefighters arrived quickly but were unable to save the ride. The intense heat and smoke made rescue efforts extremely challenging.


Deaths: Seven people died in the fire, including six children and one adult. The victims were trapped inside the ride and could not escape the flames.
Survivors: There were survivors who managed to escape the ride before the fire spread too far.


Initial Findings: An initial inquiry suggested the fire might have been caused by an electrical fault. However, the investigation was inconclusive.
Controversies: Over the years, various controversies and conspiracy theories have emerged. Some believe the fire was a deliberate act of arson, possibly linked to organized crime or other malicious intent.

Impact and Legacy:

Closure: Luna Park was closed for several years following the fire. The Ghost Train ride was completely destroyed.
Memorials: Memorials have been erected to honor the victims of the fire. The tragedy is remembered as one of Australia’s most significant amusement park disasters.
Safety Reforms: The fire led to increased scrutiny of safety standards and regulations for amusement parks in Australia.