9 March 1967

Trans World Airlines Flight 553 crashes in a field in Concord Township, Ohio following a mid-air collision with a Beechcraft Baron, killing 26 people.

Trans World Airlines Flight 553 was a domestic flight that crashed while attempting to land at Chicago Midway International Airport on December 8, 1972. The crash was caused by a combination of factors, including pilot error and weather conditions.

The flight crew had been cleared to land on runway 31C, but the captain made a decision to switch to runway 31L without clearance from air traffic control. This decision caused the aircraft to approach the runway at a steeper angle and higher speed than necessary. The flight crew also failed to properly set the aircraft’s altimeter to the correct pressure setting for the airport’s altitude, leading to further confusion about the aircraft’s altitude and position.

In addition to pilot error, the weather conditions at the time of the crash were also a contributing factor. The airport was experiencing heavy rain, reduced visibility, and low cloud cover, which made it difficult for the flight crew to see the runway and surrounding terrain.

As the aircraft approached the runway, it struck trees and a light pole before crashing into a residential neighborhood, killing all 45 people on board and two people on the ground.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigation determined that the cause of the crash was the flight crew’s decision to switch runways without clearance and their failure to properly set the altimeter. The investigation also noted that the weather conditions were a contributing factor that exacerbated the crew’s errors.