11 March 1872

Construction of the Seven Sisters Colliery, South Wales, begins; it is located on one of the richest coal sources in Britain.

The Seven Sisters Colliery, also known as the BHP Mine, was a coal mine located in South Wales, UK. The mine was closed in 1996 after more than a century of operation due to the declining demand for coal and the high cost of maintaining the aging infrastructure.

After the closure of the mine, the site underwent a process of decommissioning and reclamation. The buildings and equipment were dismantled and removed, and the mine shafts were sealed off. The site was then cleaned up and landscaped to make it safe and suitable for alternative uses.

Today, the site of the Seven Sisters Colliery has been transformed into a nature reserve known as the Seven Sisters Country Park. The park covers an area of over 1,000 acres and offers a range of activities for visitors, including hiking, cycling, and bird watching. The park also features a visitor center that provides information about the history of the colliery and the surrounding area.