18 February 1943

World War II: The Nazis arrest the members of the White Rose movement.

The White Rose movement was a non-violent, intellectual resistance group active in Nazi Germany during World War II. The group was composed mainly of students and professors from the University of Munich, including siblings Hans and Sophie Scholl.

The White Rose movement was founded in June 1942, and its members were deeply opposed to the Nazi regime and its policies, including the persecution and extermination of Jews, the war, and the dictatorship of Adolf Hitler. The group produced and distributed six pamphlets that criticized the Nazi regime and called for resistance against it.

The members of the White Rose were eventually discovered and arrested by the Gestapo. Hans and Sophie Scholl, along with fellow member Christoph Probst, were executed by beheading on February 22, 1943. Other members of the group were also arrested and executed.

Despite its relatively short existence, the White Rose movement has become a symbol of resistance against tyranny and an inspiration to many people around the world.