29 May 1868

Mihailo Obrenovi? III, Prince of Serbia is assassinated.

Mihailo Obrenovi? III (1859-1868): Mihailo Obrenovi? III was the son of Prince Miloš Obrenovi? and the nephew of Mihailo Obrenovi? I. He was born on September 16, 1859, and ascended to the throne at the age of eight upon the assassination of his predecessor, Mihailo Obrenovi? I, in 1868.

However, Mihailo Obrenovi? III’s reign was short-lived. His father’s advisors held power in his name, but internal conflicts and dissatisfaction with the Obrenovi? rule led to the May Overthrow in 1868. The Kara?or?evi? dynasty, led by Prince Aleksandar Kara?or?evi?, replaced the Obrenovi? dynasty as rulers of Serbia. Mihailo Obrenovi? III and his mother, Queen Draga, were forced into exile and settled in Austria-Hungary.

Tragically, Mihailo Obrenovi? III and Queen Draga faced a gruesome fate. On May 29, 1903, a group of officers, led by a young army officer named Dragutin Dimitrijevi? (also known as Apis), staged a coup d’état and assassinated Mihailo Obrenovi? III and Queen Draga in the royal palace in Belgrade. The coup brought an end to the Obrenovi? dynasty, and the Kara?or?evi? dynasty was reinstated as the ruling family of Serbia.