2 February 1881

The sentences of the trial of the warlocks of Chiloé are imparted

The Warlocks of Chiloé, also known as “brujos” or “sorcerers,” are part of the folklore and mythology of Chiloé, an archipelago located in southern Chile. Chiloé has a rich cultural history that incorporates a blend of indigenous Mapuche beliefs and Spanish colonial influences.

According to Chilote folklore, the Warlocks are practitioners of a form of traditional magic that involves a deep connection with nature, spirits, and the supernatural. These sorcerers are believed to have the ability to control and manipulate natural forces, communicate with spirits, and cast spells for both good and malevolent purposes.

The mythology surrounding the Warlocks includes tales of shape-shifting abilities, where they can transform into animals, especially black cats or birds, to carry out their magical deeds. Additionally, it is said that these sorcerers often live in remote areas, such as deep forests or caves, where they perform their rituals and practices in secret.

The cultural significance of the Warlocks of Chiloé has been preserved through oral traditions, storytelling, and local customs. While the stories of the Warlocks are deeply rooted in Chilote folklore, it’s important to note that they are considered part of the region’s mythology and should be understood within the context of cultural beliefs rather than as historical or factual accounts.