31 December 1907

The first ever ball drop in Times Square.

The ball drop in Times Square is a famous New Year’s Eve tradition that takes place in New York City. The event is organized by the Times Square Alliance and has been held annually since 1907, making it one of the longest-running New Year’s Eve celebrations in the world.

The iconic ball itself is a large, brightly illuminated sphere that descends down a pole on the flagpole atop One Times Square. The ball is covered in thousands of crystal panels and is illuminated by thousands of LED lights. The design and technology of the ball have evolved over the years, reflecting advancements in lighting and materials.

The ball drop begins at 11:59 p.m. on December 31st, counting down the last 60 seconds of the year. As the clock strikes midnight and the new year begins, the ball completes its descent, and a spectacular fireworks display lights up the sky. The event is attended by thousands of people who gather in Times Square to witness the celebration. Millions more watch the event on television, making it a globally recognized symbol of the New Year.

The Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration is known for its festive atmosphere, live musical performances, and the gathering of people from all walks of life to celebrate the start of a new year. It has become a cultural phenomenon and is one of the most-watched New Year’s Eve events worldwide.