6 July 1484

Portuguese sea captain Diogo Cão finds the mouth of the Congo River.

Diogo Cão was a Portuguese navigator and explorer, notable for his voyages along the west coast of Africa during the Age of Discovery. Born around 1452, he made significant contributions to Portugal’s maritime explorations under the patronage of King John II.

First Voyage (1482-1484):
Diogo Cão is credited with discovering the mouth of the Congo River in 1482.
He erected stone pillars called padrão at various points along the coast, marking Portuguese claims to these territories. One notable padrão was placed at the mouth of the Congo River.

Second Voyage (1485-1486):
Cão continued exploring further south along the African coast, reaching what is now known as Namibia.
He placed more padrões, one of which was found at Cape Cross in Namibia.