8 March 2017

The Azure Window, a natural arch on the Maltese island of Gozo, collapses in stormy weather.

The Azure Window was a spectacular natural limestone arch located on the Maltese island of Gozo. It was one of the most iconic landmarks in Malta and a popular tourist attraction. The arch was formed through the process of erosion, sculpted by the relentless force of waves and weather over thousands of years.

The Azure Window stood proudly on the Dwejra coastline, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It was known for its stunning azure blue waters, which contrasted beautifully with the limestone cliffs and the arch itself. The natural beauty of the site attracted visitors from all over the world, making it a must-see destination for anyone visiting Malta.

Unfortunately, the Azure Window collapsed on March 8, 2017, following a heavy storm. The collapse was a significant loss for Malta’s natural heritage and saddened many people who had admired the arch’s beauty over the years. Despite its collapse, the memory of the Azure Window lives on through photographs, paintings, and fond recollections of those who were fortunate enough to witness its magnificence firsthand.