21 February 1878

The first telephone directory is issued in New Haven, Connecticut.

Telephone directories, also known as phone books, have become less popular in recent years due to the widespread use of online directories and search engines. Many people now rely on websites such as Google or specialized online directories like Whitepages.com to find phone numbers and contact information for businesses and individuals.

In addition, the widespread use of smartphones and mobile devices has made it easier for people to access phone numbers and contact information on the go, without the need for a physical phone book. As a result, many telephone companies and publishers have discontinued the printing of phone books, or have significantly reduced the number of copies they produce.

While telephone directories may no longer be as common as they once were, some people still prefer to use them, especially for finding phone numbers for local businesses or individuals who may not have a strong online presence. Some directories are still published and distributed in certain areas, but they are becoming increasingly rare.