8 March 1937

Spanish Civil War: The Battle of Guadalajara begins

The Battle of Guadalajara was a military conflict that took place during the Spanish Civil War on March 8-23, 1937, in the region of Guadalajara, Spain. The battle was fought between the Nationalist forces of General Francisco Franco and the Republican forces of the Spanish Republic, who were backed by international brigades.

The Republican forces, under the command of Colonel Juan Modesto, launched a surprise attack on the Nationalist troops, led by General José Enrique Varela. The Republican forces managed to push back the Nationalist troops, taking control of key strategic positions.

However, the Nationalist forces received reinforcements and managed to counterattack, inflicting heavy losses on the Republican forces. Despite initial success, the Republican forces were eventually defeated, and the Nationalist forces regained control of the region.

The Battle of Guadalajara was significant as it was the first major defeat for Franco’s forces in the Spanish Civil War. It also demonstrated the effectiveness of international brigades in the conflict and highlighted the strategic importance of the Guadalajara region.