8 May 1821

Greek War of Independence: The Greeks defeat the Turks at the Battle of Gravia Inn.

The Battle of Gravia Inn was a significant military engagement that took place during the Greek War of Independence against the Ottoman Empire. The battle was fought on April 24, 1821, at the Gravia Inn, a small roadside inn located on the main road connecting the cities of Amfissa and Lamia in central Greece.

The Greek forces, led by Odysseas Androutsos, had taken control of the Gravia Inn and used it as a strategic position to block the Ottoman army’s advance towards the Peloponnese peninsula. The Ottoman forces, commanded by Omer Vryonis, outnumbered the Greek rebels and attempted to dislodge them from the inn.

The battle lasted for several hours, during which the Greek forces, consisting of only about 300 men, managed to repel the Ottoman attacks and hold their ground. The Ottoman forces suffered heavy casualties, while the Greek forces suffered only a few casualties.

The Battle of Gravia Inn was a significant victory for the Greek rebels, as it demonstrated their determination and ability to resist the Ottoman forces. It also helped to boost morale among the Greek population and encouraged others to join the fight for independence. The battle is considered one of the most important early victories of the Greek War of Independence.