4 May 1869

The Naval Battle of Hakodate is fought in Japan.

The Naval Battle of Hakodate was a decisive battle fought between the naval forces of the newly-formed Meiji government of Japan and the remaining forces of the Tokugawa shogunate and their allies in the northern city of Hakodate, Hokkaido in Japan.

The battle took place from late 1868 to mid-1869, during the Boshin War, a civil war fought between the forces of the shogunate and those of the imperial court. The shogunate had retreated to Hokkaido and established the short-lived Ezo Republic in an effort to continue their fight against the imperial forces.

The Meiji government, determined to crush the last remnants of resistance, dispatched a fleet of ships led by Admiral Enomoto Takeaki to attack the rebel stronghold in Hakodate. The rebel forces, including former samurai and other loyalists, put up a fierce resistance, but were eventually defeated by the superior firepower and tactics of the imperial navy.

The battle ended with the surrender of the rebel forces and the capture of their leaders. The victory paved the way for the complete consolidation of imperial power and the establishment of the modern Japanese state under the Meiji government.